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4 Reasons Why We Overspend Our Budget

4 Reasons Why We Overspend Our Budget
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Top 4 Reasons Why We Overspend Our Budget

Parents say that one of the greatest problem of our generation is overspending.

Spending, Money Spraying,shopping or whatever you decide to call it.


Do you blame us? we just can’t help ourselves as there are always so many things to buy.

The more your income rises, the more you remind yourself of all the things you deserve but yet to acquire- human wants are insatiable(don’t you agree?).

And there exist the set of people whose monthly salary is  peanut compared to what they spend. I sometimes wonder how they ever manage to survive on so little( a mystery I am yet to uncover).

To many, it is a problem, to some, it means nothing. But make no mistake of confronting them concerning their spending habits because if you do, then, you are in big trouble with them.

They will remind you that their primary purpose in this world is to enjoy every form of pleasure they can ever experience before they go six feet under the ground. To them,every other thing is secondary.

This is a re-occuring problem in our modern day society, I believe that something must have caused it, although, most times, we often think that we are in control of what we spend. But there are influencers pushing us to spend and they will not rest till every form of money is spent on material things( it’s just the way the world works).



Simplest 4 Reasons Why We Overspend Our Budget

4 Reasons Why We Overspend Our Budget

1. Social Media.

Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp Facebook, Twitter, you name them. They have become a huge stakeholder of our dear lives.

Many of us can’t even begin to imagine life without them.

On these platforms, you can show off . You share the newest additions to your wardrobe, your escapades to the world.

You share pictures of from your grand styled birthday party.

Let me assure you, it is quite normal( so far you don’ go overboard and end up being an addict), as this is the world we live in now. Truth is “If you don’t show off yourself and your loved ones, who will?”.

The big problem is in how the actions of others affect you.

After seeing and watching the lavish lifestyle others live( especially celebrities), how do you react to it?

Are you able to undertstand and control yourself or do you try your best to live up to them( or far above them)?

The truth is that everyone of us had been affected one time or another because, these days, the social media is where we learn what is in vogue(latest trends), what is fashionable and what is not.

When you stumble accross the trendiest shoes and clothes, Do you not want to wear that type of shoe or gown?.

Some even take such matters personally. They are convinced that a particular “slay queen”  is always showing herself off just to intimidate them( isn’t that delusional?).

Well, we all had at some point lived or currently living a fake life on social media, we are not what we are on social media.

Ask yourself this: Will I show off myself with my worst cloth?

Will you show the world images of you during rush hour fighting other people just to enter the train, a tricycle or the bus? Those who live in some part Lagos, Nigeria will understand the hustle.

Or will it lill you to admit to us that just the other day, you couldn’t find a $5 note in your pocket so you have to trek a long distance back home?

Think of social media as a place where you go to get to connect with and keep up with friends, (which is what it is) not where you go to to look for new things to buy.


2. The Advertisers.

The product advertisers are getting better every day.

You hear and see their eye catching messages all around you. Be it Online, on the streets, on TV, on the radio, virtually everywhere you go, you are bound to see and hear them.

Even if you are not fond of shopping, something will appeal one day to your emotions that will make you fall for those adverts you listen to  every day.

Their research centers are getting smarter and  better at finding out why we spend money. So they understand how you think and set up adverts that will disarm any resistance you might have built around shopping.

These days,they pay for  better technologies, graphic designers and photographers, who help create telling and sale converting images.

I remember my first time of responding to an online ad, it was a sweat shirt. It looked really good online. I ordered for it and could not wait for it to be delivered.

The first week after I purchased it,I washed it, almost half of its blue colour was left in the water.

I sent an angry email to the online store customer care rep and was hoping for a postive response but sadly, nothing was done. My hard earned money has been exchanged for the cheap piece of cloth that was not worth half its price.

A lot of us have suffered a similar fate, Your could  even be worse than mine.

And every day, we are being tricked with these ads.



3.The Media

Every action the media takes all boils down to one thing – come back for more!.

They want you to come back and read their blogs, magazines, articles and newspapers, they want you to be glued all day to your television set.

How do they achieve this?

Simple! They feed you fantasies

They make you dream a lot. They create all sorts of fantasies so you will come back for even more. I know a friend who currently suffers from this

Cars, mansions, different lifestyles etc. You name it; they feed your head until you become addicted and begin to see these “fantasies as realities”.

The more they show you, the more you dream, and the more you want to live that life of luxury.

The media wants more subscriptions, they want more readers and viewers , by showing you the luxuries of life, their goal of  keeping the business alive is achieved.

It is left for you to decide what you want from them – vital information you need to make an everyday decision or to go for things that will not add up a single value to your life.


4. Movies

Movies can make you spend really bad( it gets worse when you turn an addict). Especially when they are acted by your favourite celebrities. You think about what they wear, what they drive, the kind of food they eat and where they live.

They create a lot of fantasies in your head and you will want to live that life.

Those fantasies, of course, cost money;maybe a little moe than what you can afford. In order to live half of that life, you have to spend big time.



When you begin to think about the luxury life of your friends on facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin etc, or before you respond to that attention grabbing ad, or before you fall prey to the media especially entertainment sector, ask yourself if you really need those things.

Decide if you have the money? Even if you have the money, ask yourself if it is worth spending more to achieve a fake life (of course it always going to be very expensive).

The choice is yours.

What has influenced your spending habit? Share in the comment section.

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