How to Start an Event Planning Business from Home
Activities in recent years have shown that a lot of event planners started their event business from the comfort of their home or as an apprentice to a professional event planner. This is always the best solid foundation that will enable you set up your own event planning business easily. Advantages of starting this event… (0 comment)

How to Start a Magazine Company in Nigeria
Do you want to know how to start a magazine company in Nigeria? What are the steps involved in setting up a newspaper business? And what do you need as an individual to be truly successful? By the time you are done reading this piece of work, you’ll have learnt all the necessary steps required… (0 comment)

How to Start Snail Farming in Nigeria {Complete Guide}
Snail farming in Nigeria is an agribusiness that holds very good potential in countries such as Cameroon, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria. Yet, it is one of the most ignored animal rearing businesses in these countries. The rearing of snails for personal or commercial purposes provides one with mouth-watering opportunities to make money within a… (0 comment)

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