7 Steps to Starting a Business Overseas
Many business owners began like this… They found themselves staring at other successful business owners living “their dream life” in an exotic country while staring out the window of their apartment building in a crowded city. Slowly but strongly gathering the right type of courage, motivation and inspiration to chase a similar dream. Denying themselves… (0 comment)

34 Best Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit
Are you looking for small best business ideas with low investment and high profit? In many developed countries and a few emerging nations, small scale manufacturing businesses are considered one of the most profitable startup for entrepreneurs. The popular yet less tapped manufacturing industries is made up of the construction, household products paper, food processing,… (2 comments)

The Four Rules for successful startups
Is all small business marketing tips equal?  Are there secretive rules for successful startups that constitute a formula that always work?  Startup business comes in different shapes and sizes: bootstrap, franchise, mom and pop, technology etc. and they compete in many different industries. Is there a set of guide an entrepreneur can use to guide… (2 comments)

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