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Should You sell data to third parties? How to start data selling business in Nigeria

Should You sell data to third parties? How to start data selling business in Nigeria
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In this post, I will teach you how to start data selling business and make money with Airtel, Glo, 9Mobile, and MTN. This business can be easily started with the right amount of funds  your primary investment needs.


I’m pretty sure you have heard about things like:

  • how to share sme data on Mtn
  • Data transfer codes etc.


This article seeks to explain how all these are possible and ways by which you can do them yourself…

What is Data Reselling?

Simply put, Data Reselling is a data share prepaid service that allows individuals or business owners subscribers to purchase data bundles starting from N10,000 to N52,000, and then share with friends and families or sell the data to third parties.

To different network providers such as MTN, GLO, ETISLAT and AIRTEL, It has different names. But SME is the nomenclature for MTN Subscribers.

Perhaps, the most wonderful thing about the business is the convenience it offers and huge money making opportunities. This is a business one can start simply by purchasing bulk data and selling to people who are interested in this service. This service is free for all MTN and other subscribers.


Why Data Reselling? 

Too often I have been asked this question by a good number of my readers. I will share with you today all that you need to know about data reselling for profits.

In Data selling business, the following are possible:

  • Data is transferred to beneficiaries using SMS SHORTCODES or USSD
  • Data can be shared by the reseller with anyone
  • The sharer of the data (sponsor) will have complete control of allocating data to people
  • Multiple data plans


Benefits of Data Reselling 


For instance,

250MB = N150

500MB = N250

1GB = N550

Isn’t that cool deal?


What you need to Start the Data Selling Business in Nigeria

To begin this lucrative venture, you will need an internet enabled device to opt in; I prefer a tablet, laptop or an android phone so that you can go into data reselling business and make a good stream of income for yourself.

To get you started, here is the essential data resale kit you will need:

  1. Android device or PC.
  2. Mobile Banking App or Debit/Credit Card (ATM card)
  3. and the Data Reselling PACK (for some networks)


How to make Money from Data Bundle Reselling Business

data reselling business

You credit your wallet and buy data at N550 per gig.

Let assume you agree to start this business. As a student, you may decide to be retailing the data plans through sale to your colleagues at N600 or N650 per gig depending on your decision.

With this, you will make N50 or N100 per transaction.

Let assume you have up to 20 transactions per day, that makes you N1000 or N2000 respectively on a daily basis which is equivalent to N20, 000 – N40,000.

And when you look at this closely, you’ll find out that it’s more lucrative than some white collar jobs out there.

I will share with you in subsequent sections “how to begin reselling data on Mtn, Airtel and 9mobile”

So first off…… Let’s begin with Mtn

How to Become a Data Reseller with MTN

data reselling business

To begin sale of data on Mtn, You have to:


  • Migrate to MTN SME Plus tariff plan by sending 460 in an SMS to 131 with your MTN line or by dialling the code *460#.
  • After that, you recharge your migrated MTN line with the amount of SME data you want to buy. There are 4 different SME data bundle plans which you can purchase, and they are:
  1. 10GB plan for N10,000,
  2. 20GB for N18,000,
  3. 50GB for N40,500 and
  4. 75GB for N52,500.


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  • After you have recharged your line with the exact amount of data bundle plan, you have to subscribe into any of the plans by sending the codes as given below;

For 10GB, send 465 to 131 as text message

For 20GB, send 466 to 131 as text message
For 50GB, send 467 to 131 as text message
For 70GB, send 468 to 131 as text message

  • After a successful subscription into any of the given data plans above, you can start sharing data to any MTN line based on the standard data share sizes (250MB, 500MB, 750MB and 1GB) that is given.
  • To transfer or share data to your client beneficiary MTN number, simply send an SMS to 131 in the given format below;


The default pin is usually “1234”

E.g.         SMESHARE 08039393587 500 1234

NOTE:  All packages are valid for 30 days



  1. Simply send DATABALANCE in an SMS to 131 to check your remaining balance at any time.
  2. beneficiaries or recipients can check their data balance, you should tell them to dial the code 4617#
  3. You can use a new or your already existing MTN PIN to share data
  4. Based on the standard data sizes that you share to your clients/recipients/beneficiaries, you have to determine the prices yourself in which you want to offer the shared data and also the means in which you would love to receive payment.
  5. The higher the data bundle plan you go for, the better your ROI (profits) will turn out to be after each successful sale.
  6. Any of SME data bundles that you purchased as a reseller is only valid for 30 days
  7. You can always top up your SME bundles at any given period or time, even in the case of an unfinished data, and whenever you do so, your validity period is extended by another 30 days
  8. Your beneficiaries or clients validity period always start counting from the very last time the reseller subscribed to a new data plan after sending.
  9. As a reseller if you want to send data in above 1GB, you will have to share it twice, thrice and so on


How to Become a Data Reseller with 9Mobile

data reselling business

For 9Mobile, what they do is activate share data and then buy a high data plan like 20 GB for 18,000 Naira. You can (sell) share with up to 30 people as your customers.

The First Method

  1. Dial *200#
  2. Press 3 to choose ‘Data Menu Option’
  3. Proceed to ‘Family Plans Option’
  4. Select ‘Opt in to Family Plans’
  5. Confirm your selection
  6. Begin a new process by dialling *200#
  7. Proceed to ‘Data Menu Option’
  8. Choose ‘Buy Data Plan’ to buy your preferred data plan
  9. Return to Data Menu and choose ‘Family Plan Option’
  10. Go to the ‘Share Data Menu’
  11. Add recipients and data volume



The Second Method

  1. From your phone or tablet, you need to dial *917#


  1. Then go for your preferred data plan


  1. After this, you can share data with your customers through dialling this

USSD; 2299PINDataVolumePhoneNumber3#




How to add data beneficiaries or clients to your Glo Data Plan

  1. Dial 12701*[friend’s number]# or
  2. SMS “Share [friend’s number]” to 127


How to remove data beneficiaries to your Glo


  1. Dial 12702*[friend’s number]# or
  2. SMS “Remove [friend’s number]” to 127

How to show list of data beneficiaries to your Glo line

  • Dial 12700# or SMS “List” to 127

How to share Glo data plan

  • Dial 127[USSD_Plan_Number]*[friend’s number]# or SMS “Gift [friend’s number]” to 127



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