Poultry Farming for Beginners(Practical Guide For Beginners and Pros)
Poultry Farm Business in Nigeria is one of the most lucrative business opportunity and a wise investment choice for many aspiring entrepreneur (especially young ones). That is why I have decided to write on “poultry farming for beginners”. Because of its numerous benefits and high return on investment (ROI), starting and running a good poultry farm… (6 comments)

How to Start Fish Farming in Nigeria
Many times, people have asked questions like: how to start your own fish farm, how to start fish farming in Nigeria? Etc. And most of this times, no answers have been provided. Before I began writing this particular blog post, I did a lot of book reading and attended a lot of farms to get… (3 comments)

7 key Success Factors in Business
I could go on about this for hours, but I’ve limited myself to 7 key success factors in business that I think changes the game completely. Think BIG! If your goal doesn’t represent an important achievement for you and doesn’t serve as a challenge to you, it’s most unlikely that you’ll be motivated enough to… (3 comments)

How to Sell Your Business
Steps to Follow to Sell a Business Fast Once the business owner decides to put the business for sale, he/ she will definitely aim for a high earning from it and lessen the effect on the employees who assisted the owner in expanding the business. So how can the owner facilitate the sale? As per… (0 comment)

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