Stock Market Trading-15 Amazing Chart Secrets for Choosing a Million Dollar Stock

Stock Market Trading-15 Amazing Chart Secrets for Choosing a Million Dollar Stock
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If you have been in the business of stock market trading and it looks like you have been trading the wrong stock- it is about time you take a break to read up every bit of information I will share on this blog now. But first, let us examine the reason why investors keep failing in stock trading.

Why Investors Fail in Stock Trading?

I know there are thousands of people who are currently trading in stocks for a long time of time. Yet, it still feels like the gods are against them; they fail to earn cash from their business and they got nothing to show for it after being in the business for such a long time of time.


Why is it normal to see a lot of stock investors saying, they are not making any profits?

Because they do not know how to identify the right kind of stock that can make them a million dollars.

In fact, it tires me to hear such complaints. Well! If you have been trading and have not made any cash for yourself, I have the solution for you right here. But first, have at the back of your mind that following some expert advice does not guarantee you’d make money in stock trading.

Making money in stock trading will be easy after you are done reading our 15 chart secrets that can help you to make profits stock market trading.

How To Smile To The Bank In stock market trading

Stock Market Trading-15 Amazing Chart Secrets for Choosing a Million Dollar Stock

  1. Comprehending Psychology of Markets

When it comes to investments, you have to understand the market. Your mind and imagination will help you to understand everything that happens and is happening inside the markets either in domestic markets or international markets. Develop a foresight for stocks; this will help you to learn how to be very analytical and identify million dollar charts that are hidden from the public eye.

The first step to choosing a right stock for investing is having an in-depth understanding of the market.

  1. Observing Price, Volume and Time of a Stock

The next thing you have to consider is “OVT”

  • O-observe the price,
  • V-volume and
  • T-the time period of a stock.


The importance of these three factors cannot be overemphasized in the market. They are also determined by the collective psychology of the markets.

To make a million dollar in the stock market, you need to pick a stock with the right price, in right volume and at a period when the momentum is very high. Only after doing all three can your investment become riskless.

  1. Resistance & Support

Resistance and support are very critical when it comes to stock trading. You must do everything to know the resistance and support of a stock you plan on investing your money on. You must discover stocks with support and resistance if truly you want to make money.

If by chance you miss this aspect, there is no way you are making any money.

  1. Stock Loss

Stock loss is the fourth secret. Before you decide to invest, you must realize stock loss. As a stock trader, knowing this could completely change the game for you. I have seen too many stock investors start their investment journey without realizing stock loss. Never make this newbie mistake-realize your stock!

  1. Accumulation & Distribution

The fifth secret to choosing a million dollar stock is accumulation and distribution of stocks. You be on the watch for “perfect moments”-when picking a stock can give you tons of money. In stock market trading, you do not show up every day in the market. You could go every day in the market and not make a dime and just be in the market for a single day and make millions of dollar.

This is no joke or dream-with proper accumulation and distribution of stocks, it is very possible.

  1. Rise takes Time & Falls are Swift

One thing that causes the price of a stock to increase or decrease is the rate at which a stock rises and falls. This part of a stock is technical and it (technical chart) needs to be studied and understood. It is common knowledge that stock takes almost forever to rise but takes only moments to fall. This is why every smart investor should make trade decisions based upon rise and fall phenomenon.

Otherwise they are bound to fail.

  1. Notice the Head, Body and Tail of a Stock

The common mistake a lot of investors make is that they think only of profits so much that they forget to think risks. By noticing head, body you are able to mitigate risks.

When you observe the head, body and tail of a stock, you can know, understand and predict the rise and fall of a stock. This cannot be treated with levity if you plan on making money at lowest risk.

  1. Developing Human Psychology

Developing human aspect for analyzing charts guarantee success in stock trading. The Psychology to understand markets does not come naturally (not a God-given talent) but with experience, is usually developed over the period of time.

Knowing and understanding the market will ensure you enough market profit.

  1. Understanding Graphic Representations

Understanding Graphic representation of charts is an art that need to be mastered. It still remains the best way to analyze what is going to happen in coming days.

You will suddenly notice an increase in your trading performance when you have fully understood graphic representation of charts.

  1. Reading Charts for Day Trading & Long Term Trading

As an investor, you must learn to read charts for day trading and long term trading. One important thing to note here is that the chart for day and long term trading can be different. So, you have to be able to read charts for increased profits.

  1. Integrity of Charts

In stock market trading, the analysis of stocks greatly rest upon the shoulders of technical charts. However, things can shock you when the chart itself becomes manipulated. That is why; we question the integrity of a lot of charts.

If see that the charts are driven by the rules of supply and demand; then they are real if otherwise, they are not. However, if a stock has low lucidity and is controlled by one or two persons then the charts are manipulated. So always keep this at the back of your mind, before you invest.

  1. When it’s over, Its Over

What this means is that you need to face reality i.e. when a stock becomes dead; you need to understand that is cannot be resurrected. A lot of investors would stay hold unto a stock thinking it is going to come back. This kind of thinking could definitely lead you to total disaster; causing you to lose almost every of your cash.

Hence investors should keep this bitter truth at the back of their mind and quit holding unto failed stocks.

  1. What Happens When Chart Fails

Truth is, no matter how careful you are, there is still a slight chance that a chart could fail, just like any other business investment can fail in stock market trading. There is always a thin line between a chart winning and it failing.

You put this on your mind so you don’t feel affected when it comes down crashing.

  1. Cutting out the Noise

At times listening to stocks news on channels like 24/7 news channels or from authority or experts in the field, you might begin to fear and can act irrationally. These are just noises; to keep you stupid so you can make hasty decisions.

You need to stay away from the noise and use your knowledge, research, intuition and brain to analyze things. Nothing beats trusting your guts.

  1. Finding the Right Trade that Fits You

Stock Market Trading-15 Amazing Chart Secrets for Choosing a Million Dollar Stock

The last secret ingredient to mastering the art of stock market trading is locating the right trade that fits you. I am pretty sure that now that you have gone through all 14 points, you can now decide, which stock of trade suits you the most.


Conclusively, I will conclude by adding that every smart investor should follow these easy, yet game changing 15 secrets to becoming a successful investor anywhere in the world and make huge amount of money in stock market trading.


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